What We Offer

Virtual and In-Person Services

Aileron delivers our services in multiple formats, including virtually via video conferencing and in-person on our campus in Tipp City, Ohio. Our upcoming services that are open to the entire Aileron community are listed here, and all of our services are always available for you to schedule with just you and your team. To start that process, reach out and a member of our team will be in touch.

Aileron's virtual and in-person services

What to Expect

Those who do the work do the learning.

You’ll do real work during our workshops, because most real learning takes place on-the-job. Plus you’ll see greater results by tackling the business issues you’re currently facing while learning new methods.

We meet you where you are.

There’s no need to get things “good enough” before engaging in our community.

The genius is in the room.

You’ll learn from your facilitator, but you’ll learn just as much from your peers. You know your business better than anyone, so we ask the right questions to pull out the answers and inspiration you need to get where you’re trying to go.

Implementing Professional Management

Experience what your President/CEO did in the Course for Presidents.

One-on-one time with an experienced business leader who’s been in your shoes and can guide you towards action, continued success, and provide tools and resources along the way.

Become a campus passholder to get a discounted rate on campus reservations and access to use open work spaces and Focus Rooms at no cost.

Learn about Aileron’s transformative DOC System, apply it to your business, and put together a plan to reach your vision for the future in a facilitator-led workshop and time with an Aileron Business Advisor.

Meet with other like-minded presidents, owners, and CEOs as you continue your professional management journey, step out of the day-to-day of your business, and share challenges, ideas, and perspectives in a small group setting.

An introduction to professional management, a systematic way to run and grow a successful business.

Leadership. People Development. Culture.

An opportunity to help you become more confident, clear, and purposeful in your decision-making, and increase your capacity for making tough decisions.

An immersive leadership program, designed to help you maximize your self-awareness and growth, through a series of thought-provoking and skill-building workshops and virtual peer group sessions. You’ll also meet with an accountability partner regularly to help you achieve your goals throughout the program.

An opportunity to increase your self-awareness and learn how to consciously choose how you want to lead. It’s more than reflection; you’ll take an assessment before the workshop and come away with new tools to grow yourself as a leader, personally and professionally.

Focus on reaching your personal desired outcomes by meeting one-on-one with a Certified Professional Leadership Coach – your personal and trusted partner as you seek out your best self.

An opportunity for you to practice communication skills that will ensure the best thinking – from you and others – are brought forth in conversations to achieve optimal results.

An opportunity to envision your leadership success, to overcome barriers, and come away with a personal action plan.

Learn new ways to engage others, while building empathy and influence. Increase your impact by understanding your style and how to set others up for success.

Learn how to build strong teams around you to help your organization thrive.

As you process unprecedented amounts of change and information, gather with your peers during this 2-hour virtual session. Take time to process your thoughts, hear ideas, share experiences, and get unstuck.

Understand why you act and react the way you do, and how to be more intentional about influencing culture. Learn new ways to manage stressors, create sustainable change, and create the climate you want around you.

Strategy. Business Structure. Organizational Performance.

Learn how to map your organization’s systems and lead and facilitate systems mapping across your team. Explore Systems Thinking is a great first step but not a requirement; this service includes a systems thinking overview so those new to the concept can onboard early on.

A 6-9 month process guided by your facilitator to find and select 3 qualified board members and to prepare and lead an effective board meeting. You’ll receive potential board member candidates, sample tools, and resources.

Improving your systems can rapidly accelerate growth and support organizational performance – but true change requires a culture that values systems thinking. Before you evolve your systems, ensure their sustainability by onboarding your team to systems thinking and building a culture that supports it.

A workshop for business owners that will arm you with a framework for creating a high performing board or turning your existing board into a valuable source of constructive feedback, accountability, and wisdom.

A process guided by your facilitator to define the vision, mission, strategies and supporting actions to make the next best version of your business.

In this workshop, your team will develop a value proposition that can take your company where you want to go. You’ll learn a process and tools to create a fit between what your customers’ want, and what you offer, and get real customer feedback to test your ideas.

A Discovery process guided by an Aileron facilitator to explore your organization’s vision, mission, and values.

Not seeing what you’re looking for?

We can situationally adjust the work, process, people and environment of everything we offer to help you reach your goals.

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