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What is Leadership Coaching?


We believe we are all leaders. It’s not a question of whether you lead, but rather how you lead and what impact your leadership has on your team, your business, your personal life, and yourself. And while we are all leaders, we all may not have robust training in how to lead. It’s hard to clear the path [ Read More ]

  • What is Systems Thinking? | Aileron

What is Systems Thinking?

2022-05-27T15:50:33-04:00Leadership, Organizational Performance, Strategy|

Everything in a business – the people you hire, the vision you construct, the customers you serve, and more – is connected. Building a better understanding of the interrelated methods and processes at work is key to your ability to improve your business results. We call this approach “systems thinking.”The Aileron definition of systems thinking is: the belief that [ Read More ]

  • What is Professional Management? | Aileron

What is Professional Management, and What Can it Do for Me and My Organization?

2022-06-28T13:51:36-04:00Business Structure, Culture, Feature, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes with an Aileron coach or community member, you’ve likely heard about professional management and how it can help you lead with confidence to build a sustainable, thriving organization. We define professional management as a systematic way to run a business. Specifically, we use the Aileron DOC System of Professional Management [ Read More ]

  • What is Strategic Planning? | Aileron

What is Strategic Planning?

2022-04-27T12:45:54-04:00Leadership, Strategy|

Running an online search for “strategic planning resources” will yield countless ideas for your business. But how do you know which of those results will deliver for you? What strategic planning tools best serve your needs? The answers to those questions depend on your specific situation. The “best” solution is the one that helps you create intentional, strategic [ Read More ]

  • Creating a Smooth Transition: How Keith Smith Company Built a Succession Plan and Thriving Legacy | Aileron

Creating a Smooth Transition: How Keith Smith Company Built a Succession Plan and Thriving Legacy

2022-03-31T14:43:06-04:00Community, Leadership|

After years of working in the family business, Jim Smith suddenly became CEO of Keith Smith Company, America’s largest independent producer and provider of broiler hatching eggs, in the early 1990s. Looking for support and guidance in his new leadership role, Jim eagerly connected with Aileron’s founder Clay Mathile through a mutual acquaintance and began his professional management [ Read More ]

  • Gaining Control: How Carlton Construction Turned Runaway Growth into Intentional Evolution | Aileron

Gaining Control: How Carlton Construction Turned Runaway Growth into Intentional Evolution 

2022-03-31T14:54:13-04:00Community, Leadership|

Growing revenue and growing the life you’ve dreamed of are common goals we hear from new founders and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. For Matt Carlton, CEO of Carlton Construction, growth was great – until it was outpacing what he could handle. In 2018, the company experienced the best revenue year in its history, having doubled revenue for two consecutive years. [ Read More ]

  • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast | HEAPY | Aileron

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: How HEAPY Transformed Their Entire Business by Prioritizing Culture

2022-03-31T14:54:54-04:00Community, Culture, Leadership|

Management consultant and author Peter Drucker is known for saying culture eats strategy for breakfast. Anyone who’s run a business can attest to the power culture has over all areas of the business. Underlying cultural struggles can make collaboration, recruitment and retention, and growth difficult or even impossible. Said differently, unless your culture is in working order, no strategy [ Read More ]

  • What is Conscious Leadership?

What is Conscious Leadership?


Regardless of our title, status, age, or experience level, we’re all leaders. The question is not whether you lead, but how you lead. At Aileron, we believe the best way to lead is consciously. Conscious leadership is an approach to leading the self and others that emphasizes radical self-awareness, energetic responsibility, and a we > me mindset. Traditional vs. [ Read More ]

  • Bridging the Mindset Gap: RetireMEDiQ | Aileron

Bridging the Leadership Gap: How RetireMEDiQ’s Marisa O’Neill Navigated Stepping into the Shoes – and Mentality – of a CEO

2022-03-31T14:55:34-04:00Community, Leadership|

Doing the work of a CEO is one thing; feeling like a CEO is a whole different ballgame. We hear that sentiment a lot at Aileron, especially from young leaders who are fresh in their roles. While imposter syndrome – the self-limiting belief that you’re not as capable as you are – can contribute to not feeling CEO-ready, other [ Read More ]

  • 3 Insights Mailchimp's CEO Learned in Course for Presidents | Aileron

3 Insights Mailchimp’s CEO Learned in Course for Presidents

2022-06-28T13:51:26-04:00Aileron News, Culture, Leadership, Strategy|

Aileron sees business owners from all walks of life and all industries come through our doors. We’ve seen professional management transform $2M family-owned small businesses as well as $200M large corporations. Recently, Course for Presidents alumni and CEO of Mailchimp Ben Chestnut was featured in NPR’s How I Built This. During his conversation with Guy Raz, [ Read More ]

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